NRDC Requests comments from the Public on the Rockfish fishery

"Do You Fish For Rockfish?

If So, Will You Help Us Protect Them?"

Posted by The National Resource Defense Council (NRDC) on May 1, 2001

"Pacific rockfish are an important economic and environmental resource, but for years fishers have been harvesting rockfish faster than the fish can replace themselves. The result has been a dramatic decline in rockfish populations off the coast of California, Oregon and Washington. One species, bocaccio rockfish, has declined by 98 percent.

To protect rockfish and rockfish habitat, NRDC recently filed a series of lawsuits demanding that the National Marine Fisheries Service protect overfished rockfish species and open up its decisionmaking process to the public. If you are an NRDC member and you fish for rockfish (or have fished them in the past) and would be willing to sign a statement to that effect, we need to hear from you as quickly as possible. Please send an email with your contact information to Jennifer Anker at Thanks!"